Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert grew up in Scotland, where on his 13th birthday he received the gift of a camera. A few years later Jeremy subsequently became a UK based freelance photographer for editorial, corporate and NGO clients. Scotland was his base for 14 years, until he decided the light was too grey and the winters too dark.
Deciding to bring colour into his life he relocated to Tokyo, Japan, where he now lives and photographs. His personal and commissioned work has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, Le Figaro, The Sunday Times magazine and many, many more.
During his career Jeremy’s work has taken him to over 40 countries, as far flung as Antarctica and Outer Mongolia, and for the last decade has been one of the principle photographers for Greenpeace International. His personal and commissioned work, for which he has been the recipient of photojournalism awards, has been widely published, and exhibited, in Europe and USA.
Examples of his work, his contact details, and further information can be found by visiting his website 

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Soldiers, Naddam Festival, Yarmag, Mongolia, 2001