Dave Wyatt

Dave Wyatt is an award winning documentary photographer focusing on the landscape and how it relates to the individual and society as a whole, presenting us at the same time with a sense of history and challenging our notions of the space we inhabit.  Wyatt gained his MA in International Photojournalism, Documentary Photography and Travel Photography from the University of Bolton undertaken at Dalian Medical University in Dalian, China, and his BA degree from the renowned school of Documentary in Newport, South Wales.  
Wyatt’s work has been exhibited in both national and international galleries, museums and festivals including The Photographers Gallery in London, the Singapore International Photography Festival, The National Gallery in Pristina, Kosovo, and the Chobi Mela IV festival in Bangladesh.  He has also had work published in leading editorial and fine art magazines including Portfolio Catalogue, The Sunday Telegraph and the British Journal of Photography.

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Boy fishing off the coast of Porto Romano, Albania